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Frequently Asked Questions

 Arkansas Duck Hunting at Retriever Lodge

When you think of incredible Mallard hunting, only one place comes to mind: Stuttgart, Arkansas. Stuttgart (and its surrounding areas) is known as the “Rice and Duck Capital of the World". Hunting waterfowl in Southeast Arkansas is not considered just a pastime, but rather a way of life. Anyone who enjoys wing shooting at its finest must make this trip to the Arkansas “Mecca” of duck hunting, at least once in their lifetime.

Retriever Lodge is a duck hunt guide operation that specializes in small groups. We hunt exclusively on private ground, which offers the finest rice field and flooded timber hunting known in the area. We provide a friendly, buddy-hunt atmosphere rather than the sterile style of commercial operations. This traditional Southern manner guarantees the authentic experience of an Arkansas duck hunt.

Retriever Lodge owns several thousand acres of prime duck habitats in the heart of Arkansas County. Abundant rice fields, soybean fields, dead timber reservoirs, bayou hunting, and green timber hunting.

The key to good Arkansas duck hunting is food. We plant vegetation in many of our areas exclusively for the ducks. Most of these crops are left standing and periodically flooded throughout the season. We plant rice, milo, and millet in all of our reservoirs and green timber holes. We only hunt in our areas twice a week to let the ducks rest in these areas as much as possible.

During the season we check each of our hunting areas to prepare for the next day’s hunt.

We manage our ducks and their habitats year-round. Hunting areas are maintained and monitored by scouting and airplane. We dedicate ourselves to our ducks and our lands to provide exceptional Arkansas duck hunting. Successful kills are never guaranteed but we do everything we can to keep the odds in our favor.

Information on the Hunt

Retriever Lodge specializes in morning hunts. Each booking party of four or more hunters will hunt with their own group. If, for instance, you bring a hunting party of eight hunters, we will split you into two groups of four with a guide for each party. The guide will pick you up at the lodge about an hour prior to shooting time.

We then proceed to the hunting area and transport you to the blind. All arrangements are made the prior evening to prevent any confusion the following morning. Hunts typically last until around 10:00 a.m., or until you take your limit.

At that time the guide will transport you out of the hunting area and back to the lodge. A breakfast or lunch, at your preference, is served around 11:00 a.m. You may relax at the lodge or make plans for the afternoon. If you want to resume hunting in the afternoon, provided you didn't hit your daily limit, accommodations can be arranged for an additional fee.

We also can arrange an afternoon goose hunt or quail, chukar, and pheasant hunt. Trips to Mack’s Sport Shop in Stuttgart are also a popular afternoon activity. At 7:00 p.m., we will serve your evening meal. This usually consists of rib eye steaks or fried pork chops. Special requests for meals can be arranged prior to your arrival.

We do not require a certain number of days when booking a hunt.  We do have a four man minimum per party.  This helps ensure that each group will be hunting exclusively with their party, and won't be sharing a room with someone they don't know.  We have had a lot of problems with mixing groups in the past.  We want everyone to enjoy their stay.  This helps to eliminate confusion and provide for a higher quality experience.  If you choose to bring a smaller group than the four person minimum, then you will be responsible for the full group rate of four people.

To see more photos and videos of actual hunts go follow us on Facebook to see all the updates as they happen.

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