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            The guides are all young and very enthusiastic.  They will be in charge of the hunt.  Whatever the guides says goes.  This way you don’t let one person ruin the hunt.  The guide is there to help you kill ducks.  All of them grew up in this area and have hunted all of their lives.  You will find them very fun and personable.  The guide wants you to have a successful hunt, and will do everything possible to ensure that.  We have good guides because we have quality hunting. You will be guided by the hosts at Retriever Lodge Damon & Delana Whitmore and their expert guides Mark & Taylor Orman & Steven Lepine. It is much more enjoyable to take a group people on a good hunt. Treat the guide with respect and you will be in for a very good time. 


     Damon & Delana Whitmore


    Mark And Taylor Ormaqn


    Steven Lepine