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            Retriever Lodge has a variety of blinds depending on the hunting situation.  In fields, we hunt almost exclusively out of sunken barrels.  Arkansas County natives designed this type of blind.  Barrels are basically “mini pits” that allow you to watch the ducks work, and shoot before the ducks have flared.  We believe that these barrels are the only way to field hunt ducks.  They offer plenty of room, complete concealment, and unsurpassed safety.  Blinds in our millet, rice, and milo holes are a variety depending on the best options.  Some of the holes have “mini pits” built into the levees and others are floating blinds or stilt blinds.  All of these blinds are handcrafted and very comfortable.  Transportation is provided on all of our hunts.  We use argos or boats to carry people up to the front door of the blind.  We request that you bring waders, but that is more for comfort than necessity.  Most of the time you will never need anything other than hip boots or ankle boots.  Transportation and comfortable clean blinds allows us to hunt people of all ages and physical shape.  You will not have to walk miles through swamps or mud to access our hunting areas.  We have done the work to make our hunting easily accessible. 

Spring Time Blind Preperation      Blinds Ready To Go To The Field      Inside Mini Pit      Dead Timber Reservoir Blind     A Different View


Side View Of Barrels      Spring Time Mini Pits With Mats      Early Preparation On Barrels      Precision Work     


Old Trusty War Eagle      Floating Bayou Blind      Rice Field Blind       Duck Hole Floating Blind      Blind Built In Levee


                                        Duck Hole With Blind      Duck Hole      Millet Field And Blind